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Software Engineering Institute

Program Description
The Software Engineering Institute’s rigorous, four-year sequence equips students with computer technology skills that lead to success in the 21st century workplace. The  SEI program introduces students to computer science, programming, basic web design, engineering and robotics.  Our students will gain experience programming with Snap!, Python and Java, as well as designing basic websites with HTML and CSS.  This program is excellent preparation for students interested in a computer science college major, and includes the opportunity to earn college credit through AP Computer Science Principles and AP Computer Science A.
Course Sequence
Year 1 - CS 1 and 2:  Introduction to Computer Science with Python
Students will learn the fundamentals of computer science, problem solving with code, and the development of computer software using the Python programming language.  Students will also have the opportunity to experiment with a variety of other programming platforms, like EarSketch, A-Frame and Scratch!  Students will begin creation of a career portfolio while exploring the world of tech.
Year 2 - CS 3 and 4: Computer Science Applications with Vex Robotics
This curriculum provides a structured sequence of programming activities in real-world project-based contexts. The projects are designed to get students thinking about the patterns and structure of not just robotics, but also programming and problem-solving more generally. This curriculum includes videos, animations, and step-by-step lessons designed to help learners foster Computational Thinking using the VEX V5 hardware and VEXcode programming software. In the Spring, students will finish the year with additional applications of CS including a coded embroidery project and Hummingbird Robotics kits.
Year 3 - CS 5 and 6: Advanced Placement Computer Science Principles
This course introduces students to the creative aspects of programming, abstractions, algorithms, large data sets, the internet, cybersecurity concerns and the impacts of computing on society.  We teach it using Snap!, a block based programming language,  which allows students great flexibility and creativiity, allowing them to explore more advanced concepts without the struggle of memorizing syntax and dealing with compiling problems.  Students will have the chance to earn college credit by completing the "Create Task", in which they design their own program, and passing a the two hour AP CSP multiple choice exam.
Year 4 or Earlier - Career and Financial Managment (For CTE endorsed diploma) -and/or--
Additional Elective Choices to Complement your STEM education (some can be taken any year):
This course is designed to expose students to the basics of engineering principles. Students will explore the fundamentals of electrical circuitry, mechanical design, microcomputer control, robotics, block programming, and 3D printing. Emphasis will be placed on the engineering design process.
Computer Aided Design (CAD): Students will learn to draw with precision in 2D and 3D using the industry standard software Autodesk AutoCAD and Autodesk Revit. Projects will engage both technical and creative skills to cover multiple disciplines: Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Architecture, research in Biotechnology, Publishing and Graphic Arts, or any other field of work that incorporates the need for precise digital design. At the end of the course, students can take the Certiport “Autodesk Certified User Exam” to receive industry recognized certification in the field.
Advanced Placement Computer Science A
This course is a rigorous study of the Java programming language and the principles of object oriented programming, similar to a first year college course in CS.  Students will have the opportunity to earn college credit by taking the AP Computer Science A exam.
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