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Arts & Architecture

Arts Faculty & Staff

AP, Jennifer Korten, [email protected]
Arts & Architecture, Audra Howley, [email protected]
Fine Arts, Brian Profilio, [email protected]
Visual Arts Coordinator & Fine Arts, Samantha Zuaro, [email protected]

Architecture Sequence

The Arts & Architecture curriculum is essential to the development of the student architects and designers. In drawing students develop a keen sense of observation, as they learn to closely study the subjects they are drawing and accurately render them. This skill is invaluable in architecture and design, where attention to detail is essential. Painting provides students with an opportunity to explore color theory and composition, which are critical components of architectural design. Finally, IB Art and portfolio students develop their creativity and experimentation skills, by exploring different modeling mediums and techniques, students can discover new ways to express themselves and approach design problems from unique perspectives, while working with industry professionals.

Year 1: Drawing & Drafting
Year 2: Painting & Textiles
Year 3: Introduction to Architecture & AutoCAD
Year 4: Portfolio Development

AutoCAD Floor Plan
Fine Arts Sequence
The Fine Arts curriculum at Curtis High School encourages students to challenge their own creative and individual expectations. It is a three to four year sequence in which students develop skills in traditional and digital art, while working towards technical proficiency and confidence as an art maker. Our art courses such as drawing, painting, and applied arts students are encouraged to reflect upon a wide range of professional practices. This sequence is designed for students who want to go on to study visual arts in higher education and for those who are seeking lifelong enrichment through visual arts. Students can earn college credit through the International Baccalaureate program or in our future CTE program.
Year 1: Drawing
Year 2: Painting
Year 3: IB Art or Portfolio
Year 4: IB Art or Portfolio