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Performing Arts

Courses Offered

The Performing Arts SLC offers students course sequences in dance, theater, vocal, and various instrumental music programs. Students are encouraged to move their way up to higher level performing classes. The Performing Arts SLC has partnerships with Roundabout Theatre Co., Battery Dance Co., College of Staten Island, Richmond Philharmonic, and Berklee College of Music. Students in performing groups perform in and outside of school for various audiences including Broadway, Carnegie Hall and more. A student does not need to be in the Performing Arts House to participate in the sequences offered. We include all students at Curtis High School.

Performing Arts 

  • Beginning Guitar
  • Intermediate Guitar
  • Guitar Ensemble
  • Beginning Band
  • Concert Band
  • Jazz Band
  • Symphonic Band
  • Dance Survey
  • Modern Survey
  • Ballet
  • Composition
  • Theatre Dance 
  • IB Dance
  • IBCP Dance  
  • Introduction to Acting
  • Intermediate Acting
  • IB Theatre Arts
  • Production

  • Beginning Chorus
  • Advanced Chorus (Audition only)


All incoming Freshmen are welcome to submit or schedule an audition for advanced status.