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The Practical Nursing Program is a two year program, beginning junior year, that provides preparation for NYS Certification as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN).
The Practical Nursing Program introduces students to basic nursing skills that promote and maintain wellness. It teaches students to address the basic needs of individuals. Topics covered include normal anatomy and physiology, human growth and development, fundamentals of nursing and principles of pharmacology. Students learn nursing interventions that are used to address common health problems. Students learn advanced nursing skills to restore, promote and maintain wellness in clients with common health problems in the acute and residential care settings. Nursing students learn about therapeutic diets related to the health care needs of their client as well as cultural and religious factors.
About the Program
Over 1,500 hours of clinical and classroom studies prepare students for NYS Certification as Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN).
The Nursing Assistant (NA) program prepares students to take national performance/written exams for NYS Public Health Dept. certification.
All students in the Nursing SLC are expected to work towards obtaining an Advanced Regents Diploma. Students in the Nursing house are expected to prepare for college during their four years at Curtis by:
Taking higher level courses (AP, IB, College Now, Physics, Chemistry, Algebra II and Trigonometry)
Taking advantage of our free PSAT administration and SAT review courses
Registering on the and websites
Attending college information sessions held by our College Advisor.

Nursing Course Sequence

Course Sequence

In addition to courses required to fulfill the NYS requirements for graduation students in the Nursing SLC are required to take the following courses and/or meet the following criteria:

Freshman Year

Computer Class/Career and Financial Management
Maintain 65 average for NA / 75 average for PN
Excellent attendance

Sophomore Year

Health Occupations Education
Maintain 65 average for NA / 75 average for PN
Pass Entrance exam 50th percentile
Satisfy essay/interview

Junior Year

Practical Nursing
Fundamentals of Nursing
Life Cycle
Anatomy and Physiology
Clinical once a week
Nursing Assistant
Fundamentals of NA
Clinical 38 hours

Senior Year

Practical Nursing
Medical/Surgical Nursing
Clinical every other week
Nursing Assistant
Classroom skills and lecture
Clinical 70 hours
End Results

Practical Nursing

State Board Exam NCLEX-PN
Nursing Assistant
Certification Exam leading to Certified Nursing Assistant

Nursing Faculty & Staff Administration

Assistant Principal: Ms. A. Holzer - Room 210 (ext. 2100)

Coordinator: Ms. P. Fasano, RN, MSN, CRNP - Room 305 (ext. 3050)