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Guidance services are available for every student in the school.
These services include assistance with educational planning, interpretation of test scores, career information, tutoring information, help with home situations, school issues, social concerns, and any other questions the students may feel they would like to discuss with their counselors.

Curtis High School personnel will assist with any problem in or out of school. You are not alone. Ask any staff member you trust—they will discreetly direct you to the right resource.

Students and parent/guardians wishing to visit or contact a Guidance Counselor should arrange an appointment by calling, writing or emailing the Guidance Counselor for the grade and Small Learning Community to which you are assigned.
9th Grade Class of 2026 - Human & Legal Studies (H), Nursing  (P),
Software Engineering Institute (F) - Mr. Hankin
9th Grade Class of 2026 - Media Communication @ The Journalism Institute (J), NJROTC (R), Performing Arts (M), Visual Arts (K) - Mr. McDonald
10th Grade Class of 2025 -  Human & Legal Studies (H), Performing Arts (M), 
Software Engineering Institute (F) - Ms. Chapman-Rodriguez
10th Grade Class of 2025 -  Software Engineering Institute (F), Human & Legal Studies  (H), Performing Arts (M)
 - Ms.Guanti
11th Grade Class of 2024 - Media Communication @ The Journalism Institute (J),
Nursing (P),  Software Engineering Institute (F) - Ms. Miller 
11th Grade Class of 2024 - Human & Legal Studies (H), NJROTC (R), Performing Arts (M), 
Visual Arts (K) -  Ms. Potter 
12th Grade Class of 2023 - Human & Legal Studies (H), Performing Arts (M),
Nursing (P) - Mr. Cho
12th Grade Class of 2023 - NJROTC (R), Media Communication @ The Journalism Institute (J), Software Engineering Institute (F),   Visual Arts (K), 
 - Ms.Duberstein
Grades 9-12 IB Career-related Programme (A) - Ms. Isasi-Endress
Grades 9 -12 IB Diploma Programme (B) - Ms. Francis
Grades 9 - 12  ESL (L) - Mr. Gallego

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Mental Health: Parent & Educator resources
Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices. Mental health is important at every stage of life, from childhood and adolescence through adulthood.
DOE Mental Health webpage
DOE landing page with contact information for local mental health resources, including telehealth services for students and adults.
Social distancing does not mean emotional distancing: Providing comfort during these trying times